I’m paranoid.

My passwords for every online account are different. Many of them are randomly generated strings that are stored in an encrypted file. Common things like gmail and facebook I have memorised.

Understandably, I am a little leery of using a shared terminal at work to access any of my personal accounts (on my breaks of course). So what’s a nerd to do?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the wonderful world of portable apps.

You can run Google Chrome from your own personal flash drive. Chrome’s incognito mode will prevent any trace of your browsing from being stores on the machine you’re using. It will not mask your browsing from whatever proxies or monitoring your company is using – after all if you’re using their bandwidth I think they have every right to know what you’re looking at, just not to store your passwords and the like.

So download it here and put it on your flashdrive. Incognito mode is accessed by hitting control+shift+n. A new window will open with a guy who looks like he’s from Spy v. Spy on the upper left corner.

If you’re looking to store your passwords securely and take them with you, try Keepass portable.

And now for my last trick, let’s talk about long distance codes.

If you’re like me, you may have been seduced by Apple into buying an iPhone. Which also means, that like me, you’re often unable to make or receive phone calls. Using the phone at work (on your break) may sound appealing, but you might have a problem if your employer uses long distance codes to (rightfully) control outbound phone access.

The solution? Google Voice. GV let’s you place free long-distance calls by calling you on a land-line (so the inbound call is free) and then connecting you to the other number once you answer.

So to make calls at work, with a long distance code and at no expense to your employer:

Make a Google Voice account. I suggest getting the new number just so you can have free SMS.

Log in, click settings > voice settings.

“Add another phone”

Enter the direct dial for your work number, with a name, change the type to work, and make sure the texting box is unchecked. Click save.

A box will popup. Click connect and it will call your work phone. When you answer, enter the code on the screen to confirm that you actually have access to this line. Back at the setup screen, un-check your work number so calls do not forward to it.

Now when you place a GV call, you can have it connected to your work phone! No long distance code required, no cost to your employed.

Just be responsible. Hope you enjoyed this tip!

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