What I learned in the ED tonight

Tonight I had the opportunity to shadow my medical director while he was working in the ED. I leanred many things:

Every blog I’ve read about how drug seekers present in the ED is completely true.

Every blog I’ve read about faking a seizure and “status dramaticus” is completely true.

Healthcare is a strange mash-up of completely differently evolved professions

A litre of NS and a dose of zofran will cure almost anything.

There are no mean paediatricians – even when you call them at 0100 for an admission. This particular saint actually drove in an hour to evaluate the child, and still left with a smile on his face.

Doctors don’t actually talk to or touch patients. They mostly read labs and sign things.

My pre-hospital calibrated BS-detector is apparently as well refined as anyone who works in the ED full-time.

Medical patients appear to get better pain management and sedation than trauma patients.

Healthcare professionals do not wash their hands or use gloves nearly enough.

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